Zamar Device

CE Class IIa medical device

Provides accurate temperature control and stability

Delivers computer-controlled temperature exchange

Zamar Protocols

Scientifically developed processes for administering specific temperature paths

Tailored to type of injury, patient size, and stage of healing

Feedback controlled for safety and consistency

Zamar Wraps

Direct point of contact with patient skin

Single-patient use for safety and hygiene

Comfortable for long use

Optimized for consistent temperature exchange

Where is used?

Oropedics - Perioperative care

Cardilogy - Pacemaker and Defibrillator and after surgery complications

Home Care - Postoperative recovery at your home

What is ZAMAR Therapy

ZAMAR Therapy is a system designed to accelerate and improve recovery for patients following an operation or trauma. Each complete therapy treatment consists of a series of cold therapy sessions scheduled throughout a patient’s hospital stay

Why Use the Zamar Therapy

Clinical benefits: Significantly reduces swelling and pain and promotes faster recovery of mobility

Customized cold therapy that promotes accelerated healing after an operation or trauma