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Zamar therapy applies the same tried and tested therapeutic principals as ice packs, glycol-gel packs, ice baths and hot packs. However, it does so with never before seen ease-of-use, accuracy and consistency, which improves the treatment effectiveness.

Zamar Care Therapy


Programmable for constant temperature over a pre-determined time frame, the Zamar system is easy to operate and can replace all existing applications for ice and hot/cold packs. The self-contained Zamar unit circulates specially formulated coolant to the area being treated through a closed circuit whilst providing a massaging effect for added therapeutic benefit.

  • Zamar Care Therapy

    Tradition vs. Zamar Therapy methods

  • The ZT Clinic unit can also utilize the combined Cryotherapy and Thermotherapy in fast sequences in a process known as Thermal Shock. The ZT Clinic will change from 0°C to 40°C in approximately 60 seconds.

    Get back faster with ZAMAR Therapy.

    Decrease down up to 60% of recovery times

Zamar's key advantage is its flexibility. However you wish to apply heat or cold, the Zamar system can be programmed to deliver the treatment precisely and easily. All Zamar units come pre-programmed with a range of treatments developed in conjunction with specialist in Orthopedics and Physiotherapy

The dynamic management of temperature and the advantages of Zamar Therapy

• If you are recovering from an injury or an operation, Zamar Therapy plays a role in enhancing recovery time

• Zamar Therapy is a simple therapeutic method, non-invasive, non-aggressive

• Cryotherapy is essential during the acute stage of the trauma as shown using the R.I.C.E. protocols

• Thermo-Cryo kinetic - the combination of warm and cold during the sub-acute stage, enables faster reduction of edema and an increase of the elasticity

• Targeted and selected - each body part is precisely treated through anatomic wraps

• Constant temperature - the temperature can be set from -5°C to +45°C alternating cold and warm cycles

• Pressure/Massage, function - Setting the internal pressure within the thermo wrap and provides lymphatic massage on the treated part

• Programmable cycles - thanks to the touch screen it is possible to utilize the pre-set cycles for varying treatments or create your own protocols, even using a USB device


When the term Cryotherapy is used, it refers to the use of cold for treatment purposes; actually, cold thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties is able to anaesthetize a painful muscle or joint for a certain period of time. The use of intermittent cryotherapy following an injury decreases the repercussions resulting from inflammation or a tear of muscle fibers, especially when dealing with acute musculoskeletal injuries. The biological changes stimulated by cryotherapy combined together lead to the indicated therapeutic effects:

• Antiphlogistic effect: cell metabolism is slowed and thus the production and release of inflammatory chemical mediators is reduced.

• Anti-oedematous effect: cryotherapy is widely recognized, for treating edemas, in particular post-injury ones. This anti-oedematous effect is connected with the anti-phlogistic action and vasoconstriction which reduces blood extravasations of the tissues.

• Antalgic effect: the perception of pain is reduced since the cold obstructs the nerve endings, slowing down nerve conduction of the algogenic impulses and limiting local inflammatory phenomena.

• Muscle relaxant effect: cryotherapy, reduces muscle tone and spasticity. To achieve these outcomes, cryotherapy sessions need to be sufficiently long; otherwise when applications are too short, they act on the nociceptors which cause reflex muscle guarding.


Heat increases tissue elasticity. This outcome is clearly visible on the joint capsules, tendons, muscles and in the structures where there is a strong presence of collagen fibers. It is also known that heat is able to catalyze all of the body’s biochemical reactions and to significantly increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients in the tissues: this leads to a development of metabolism for the treated part. The treatment which uses heat can be employed in various situations, bearing in mind that its use is intended for injuries where the acute phase has ended. The use of heat is beneficial in cases of edema caused by vein or lymph stasis. This type of treatment is also suitable for improving and speeding up the healing of tissues in cases of muscle, tendon and ligament contusions, sprains, bursitis, tears and strains. The application of heat also makes it possible to handle spasms caused by muscle fatigue since it helps, get rid of the lactic acid which collects in the muscle.

Thermotherapy effects:

• Hemodynamic effect: heat increases blood flow which helps to eliminate the waste which accumulates in tissues, thus increasing oxygenation and obtaining a better intake of nutrients.

• Metabolic effect: thanks to heat, the body’s biochemical reactions are faster.

• Analgesic and muscle relaxing effect: the heat is able to lower the activity of chronic peripheral pain receptors.

• Increase in tissue viscoelastic properties: heat increases tissue elasticity.

The Contrast Therapy or Thermal Shock
  • Zamar Care Therapy

    Cryotherapy and Thermotherapy

  • The combined use of Cryotherapy and Thermotherapy in quick succession – from 0° to 40° C in about 60 seconds – creates a vasoconstriction followed by a vasodilation on the treated area. There are several benefits:

    • Indirect analgesic effect

    • Increase of microcirculation at connective level

    • Facilitation of muscle setting

• Reduction of stiffness connective tissues

• Inhibitory action on trigger-points

• Effective vascular exercise and increase of local circulation

The application of cold is highly recommended for various types of musculoskeletal contusions, tears and injuries. There are at least two purposes to pursue with the use of cold: a reduction of the perception of pain and a decrease of the effusion of liquids thanks to its ischemic action.

A wrap for each requirement

Cold and warm is conveyed through insulated pipes and insulated thermo wraps ,secured with Velcro strips

Anatomic wraps remain soft in any condition and can be easily adapted to the part to be treated. Zamar Therapy offers a comprehensive range of thermo wraps specific for each part of the body

Zamar’s anatomic wraps allow a perfect transfer of the warm and cold on the part of the body being treated thanks to the anatomic shape that increases the contact with the body surface.

The wraps are available in disposable sterile packs for hospital use or supplied with a “non-woven fabric” sheet for sterile use on more than one patient.

  • Zamar Care Therapy

    Arm Thermal Wrap

  • The hi-tech fabric maintains the wrap’s flexibility and softness even when used at with sub-zero temperatures, as applied during the acute stage, so avoiding the burning from cold. Through the Zamar wraps it is possible to apply a pressure, alternating or continuous, programmable from the control panel for an important lymphatic function.

    Specific wraps are available each body part : shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, abdomen, face, thorax-breast, hip, thigh, knee and ankle. Zamar’s continual work with Hospitals and specialists enables continuous developments and improvement with new wraps

Simplicity and full control

Operators have access to a number of preset programs that allow the application of the therapies. The operator may also freely create and store his own specific programs/protocols, adapted to meet the needs of his patients.

  • Zamar Care Therapy

    New touch screen monitor

  • As well as using the touch screen,is possible to update the control panel using a USB stick to download new therapy cycles from the Zamar website.

    The intuitive touch-screen interface, with simple icons and graphics, allows the operator to use the system to its full capability by constantly monitoring the patient.

    The touch screen uses an amorphous silicon TFT display which makes it easy to read even in critical light conditions and can be used by the operator wearing gloves.

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  • Zamar Care Therapy
  • Zamar Care Therapy