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We have more than 40 years of experience in Temperature Management

General info

ZAMAR CARE is a brand from Zanotti family which has more than 40 years of experience in ‘Temperature Management’. The founder, Mario Zanotti, in 1962 invented the ‘refrigeration monoblock’. Zamar has been created in 2005 and is active till today in 3 main areas: Biopsy Needles, Equine Cryo-Thermo Therapy and Human Cryo-Thermo Therapy. ZAMAR units are used in case of trauma, distortion, sprains and tears. Zamar Therapy is a simple non invasive therapeutic method recovery, based on the proven R.I.C.E. principle combined with Thermotherapy.

Such experience was initially conveyed in the veterinary area with the design and production of an advanced temperature treatment unit for the beneficial of the horse limbs. This original product range was flanked by the project of a thermic electro-medical unit for human use.

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  • The project refers to a medical device for HOT/COLD treatment applications. The unit has passed all the tests necessary to obtain the CE MEDICAL MARK. the equipment are currently waiting for patent and FDA certification for distribution in the U.S. market. The equipment allows the maximum de-contracting and decongestant effect and to treat post-operative care and recovery of all sports injuries.

Since mid of 2007 the company started the production and introduced in the market a new range of products – biopsy needles biopsy for ultrasound diagnostic for which the certification was immediately obtained. ZAMAR network is composed of distributors in the foreign market (70% of sales mainly in Europe) and of dealers and agents in the Italian market (remaining 30% of turnover).

The company, after having invested in recent years directly on the product (design, engineering and related equipment), has chosen to direct its efforts more in the commercial field and, in order to achieve this aim, has agreed business relationship with skilled people in this field.

The company structure consists of: production department – needles and horse/medical equipment sectors – each with its own department manager – account department and a commercial department headed by a director, three employees, two area managers and an external consultant as product manager The post-sale department assists the commercial one thus ensuring a quick feed-back to customer requests.

Zamar quality is certified:

• Uni En ISO 13485

• 93/42/EEC


Zamar devices comply with the essential requirements set out in Annex II of Law nr. 46/97, they are designed and produced so that their use does not compromise the clinical and patient safety, nor the safety and health of users and possibly others, when they are used under conditions and for their intended purposes and they are compatible with a high level of protection of health and safety.

Zamar therefore, as manufacturer can prove that not only its product but also all the production process in its various aspects (design, fabrication, inspection, etc.) comply with the essential requirements, both general, in design and construction of the device. Concerning manufacture and production, control systems and documentation ensures the traceability of raw materials, semi-finished products and products to purchase.

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